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e.LL is the exhibition brand of Kai Zhan Liao Liao (Shanghai) Culture Technology Co., Ltd.. The business covers exhibition investment, planning, operation and management. It is committed to linking creative people with art museums, commercial spaces and urban spaces, jointly presenting well-known domestic and foreign designers, artists and IP exhibitions, and promoting the commercialization of art resources.
ORDINARY Daily exhibits visual design of different countries. It is a platform to discover, tell and show daily life from the perspective of design. ORDINARY Daily store is to explore the beauty of creativity in daily life, share global good designs. Based on product retail and brand management business, we present exclusive global agency and self-developed products in the form of online and offline stores. The logo and key visual was designed by top Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano.
A provider of artistic and fun art exhibitions in commercial spaces. Taking creativity out of the "white box" and empower commercial spaces with design and art. The Museum of Creative Minds POPUP, together with hundreds of domestic and foreign designers and artist resources under its cooperation, conducts nomadic art in commercial space - providing a platform for communication and display for artists, designers, curators and art lovers in our community.
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